Kubota Ume & Yuzu Infused Sake 180ml bottles

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Kubota Ume No Sake 180ml

  • Umeshu for grownups. Complex. Benisashi ume fruit (speciality of the region) is steeped in Kubota sake with a little added sugar for balance.
  • Produced by Kubota Shuzo, Fukui prefecture, Japan.
  • 12.5% ALC/VOL

Kubota Yuzu No Sake 180ml

  • Pure expression of local Fukui yuzu fruit. Enjoy the slightly bitter rind character, balanced with a mild sweetness & the aromatics of yuzu citrus. 
  • Produced by Kubota Shuzo, Fukui prefecture, Japan.
  • 10.5% ALC/VOL



How to drink

Drink chilled neat, on the rocks, or add soda to make your own Spritz.

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