Nitride Iron Fry Pan 26cm

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Iron Fry Pan

An iron pan that doesn’t feel like a gym workout every time you toss an omelette. Thin, light and super-fast to come up to heat this pan will sear a perfect steak, sauté your favourite vegetables and create mile high stacks of breakfast pancakes.

The nitride process is one of those dark arts that can't be understood by regular folk but it's important to know that there are no chemical surfaces added to the iron and it it relatively non stick-ish. You can also use metal tools (without sharp corners) to stir fry and it won't hurt the pan.

Although this pan is amazing for frying etc but it should not be used to make acidic tomato based pasta sauces and the like as the acidity will dull the non stick properties. It is also not the best pan for wet dishes.

Outer Dimensions: 27.5cm x 5.7cm not including handle

Nitride Process

  • This Japanese iron pan has absolutely no coating and has undergone an innovative Nitride process making it stronger and much more rust resistant compared to wrought iron pans. For this reason Nitride pans are more expensive than regular iron pans and carbon steel pans.
  • Nitride pans are best for frying, stirfrying and grilling and cook much more quickly than other pans due to efficient heat conduction.
  • Excellent for electric, induction, gas.
  • Over time you will notice the pan change in colour. The uneven surface colour is normal and does not affect the pan’s performance.


  • As this pan conducts heats very efficiently and quickly, a medium heat should be all you need. If you put on a high heat you will notice the food cook very quickly and therefore burn if not careful.
  • Don’t put hot pan under cold running water or it may warp or crack. Unfortunately it’s not possible to remove the warping.
  • It is best to wash this pan with hot water immediately after use. For foods that stick, soak with hot water and detergent for about 10 minutes.

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