Oigen 16cm Tapas Pan - Naked Finish

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Cast Iron 16cm Tapas Pan

Oigen have created a pan for you to cook perfect gambas al ajillo. This combination of garlic, olive oil, prawns, chilli and paprika can be served sizzling to the table using the removable handle. Not just for prawns, mix it up with mushrooms, fish, red peppers or keep it simple with just garlic infused olive oil and crusty bread.

This pan comes with Naked Finish, which is a patented method developed by Oigen. To create the Naked Finish, Oigen place raw cast iron in an electric kiln and fire at extreme temperatures to create a grey iron-oxide. This helps with both the longevity and once properly seasoned the non-stick nature of Oigen products. The Naked Finish is exclusive to export customers.

Outer Dimensions: 16cm diameter (3.5cm external depth)

Naked Pan - Non Stick Cast Iron Cookware

  • made from over 70% recycled materials and 100% recyclable
  • natural non stick cookware that improves with age
  • no nasty chemicals to leech into your food
  • no enamel coating - faster transfer of heat
  • NOTE: The handle comes with a black cashew coating to protect from rust
  • Made in Japan

Learn how to season cast iron cookware.

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