Organic Tsuyu Japanese Stock Base 300ml

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Organic Tsuyu, 300ml

This is a concentrated japanese stock base used for seasoning simmered dishes, stir fries and also traditionally used as a dipping sauce for soba, udon and tempura. Made from organic shoyu and dashi stock. No chemical seasonings, preservatives or colourings. 

Note - contains wheat, soy.


Application Tsuyu : Water
Soba / Udon dipping sauce 1 part To 2 parts
Hot Noodle Soup 1 part To 5-7 parts
Tempura dipping sauce 1 part To 2-3 parts
Boiled fish 1 part To 2-4 parts
Nikujaga / simmered dishes 1 part To 4-5 parts
Nabemono - Hotpots 1 part To 8-9 parts


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