Stropping Block - Textured

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Chef's Armoury Stropping Block - Textured

One of our most popular sharpening accessories, our strop is made from a solid piece of Australian hardwood sitting on 5 non-slip rubber feet. The leather stropping surface is securely bonded to the wood for years of service.

Also in the kit is enough chromium oxide to strop 10’000’s of blades.

The chromium oxide stick we supply is the same product used in the final steps of sharpening in many knife workshops in Japan. It has a slight abrasive quality to improve the edge and enhance edge retention.


The strop is used as a final step after sharpening on stones to remove any fine burrs and to further improve the edge.

For first use give the surface a liberal coverage of the chromium oxide paste. Strop the knife travelling away from the edge one stroke once on each side for about a dozen strokes. Please ensure the knife and your hands are dry before use so you don't slip during the stropping process. Also use a firm yet gentle action on the strop for safety.

Recharge the strop with a light coat of chromium oxide after every 10 or so knives.

Dimensions: 90mm W x 350mm L x 40mm H

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