Takamura Octagon 240mm Slicer

A truly extraordinary 240mm hammer forged slicer for advanced users. Takamura Octagon series is vastly superior to the Takamura red handle series in terms of sharpness, edge retention, fit and finish. Always in hot demand and usually out of stock. Saya included.

Takamura Octagon 240mm Slicer

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Takamura Octagon 240mm Slicer

This slicing knife from Takamura is truly a work of art. The octagonal handle gives a firm nod to the traditional handles attached to Japanese style blades with the added advantage of a seamless bolster. Unlike the rest of the octagon series this knife comes complete with saya.

Takamura Octagon Series

The Octagon series from Takamura are hammer forged knives true to the Echizen Uchihamono tradition. The blades are made from R2 steel clad in layers of soft and hard steel to create a flowing damascus pattern. The damascus pattern is further enhanced by a light acid etch that brings out the beauty of the hammer forged damascus. A fully integrated stainless bolster and stainless counterweight is embedded in the end of the handle to further enhance the charms of this range.

The Takamura Edge

All powder steel knives produced by Takamura Hamono are ground to a razor fine edge. They are seriously sharp but be careful not to cut dense items as you may damage the edge. We also do not recommend these knives to customers who feel their knife skills may need brushing up.

Please note:

  • This blade is sharpened to a fine edge and will chip if mishandled
  • Use only on foods with no hard seeds, bones or tough parts
  • Do not slice through the caramelized parts of meat or crackling
  • Don't chop roughly on the board, use a smooth slicing action


Style Sujihiki - Slicer Blade Length 240mm
Overall Length 375mm Weight 169gm
Blade Thickness 2mm Tang Full tang
HRC (hardness) 62 Composition Nickel damascus with R2 core
Edge 50:50 double hamaguri bevel Saya Included


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