Tweezer 21cm CA - Silver

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Precision tweezers.

Tweezers - Silver

Chef tweezers you never knew you couldn’t live without.

  • Keeping your fingers clean when handling ingredients
  • Removing food items from those tiny jars Eg. pickles, olives, anchovies etc
  • Plating herbs, flowers and delicate ingredients
  • Placing cake decorations
  • Removing bits of food that have fallen onto the stovetop when cooking
  • Rescuing that annoying piece of eggshell that fell into the bowl
  • To get a competitive edge playing Jenga

The offset design helps to keep the tip off the bench.

Although dishwasher safe they will last longer if hand washed. 


    Style Offset Overall Length 21cm
    Tip Rounded Material Stainless steel

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