Umeboshi 200g

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Umeboshi are a variety of small pickled plums. They're salty, sour, fragrant and one of the cited Japanese hangover cures and superfoods. Umeboshi has been used traditionally in Chinese and Japanese medicine for over 3000 years.

Good quality umeboshi is hard to find. These umeboshi are seasoned with shiso leaves. Umeboshi are often eaten at breakfast atop a bowl of rice with a side of miso soup and green tea. An even more interesting addition to your basic salad dressing recipe.

Umeboshi remedies

  • Eat one before bed after a boozy night
  • Hangover? Umeboshi have been used in Chinese and Japanese culture to eliminate the body of toxins for centuries
  • Upset stomach? Eat an umeboshi
  • Eat one every day for good digestion


  • After opening, refridgerate and keep in sealed container.

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