Kuro Kuma Yonaka Nakiri 165mm

Hammer forged carbon steel knife traditionally used for vegetables.

Kuro Kuma Yonaka Nakiri 165mm

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Kuro Kuma Yonaka 165 Nakiri

Hammer forged carbon steel knife for your vegetable prep.

Yonaka Japanese Knives

Kuro Kuma Yonaka are seriously sharp blades handcrafted from Blue #2 carbon steel. The finish is a smooth matt black and the edge is sure to impress.

  • Made by hand, the colour of midnight
  • Walnut handles with morado wood bolster
  • Seriously sharp
  • Core of Blue #2 carbon steel, clad in matt black iron
  • 50/50 edge grind suitable for left and right handed users
  • After testing many carbon steel blades, we have not found a higher quality carbon steel knife in this price bracket


  • As the handle is natural wood, colour and grain of wood will vary from the photos.
  • Carbon steel blades will change colour and tarnish over time. Carbon steel is prone to rust if you leave it wet, so to maintain it dry and ideally oil the knife before putting it away. The black finish helps protect the blade from rust.

If you prefer a carbon steel knife with stainless steel cladding look at the Moriguchi Nero nakiri.


Style Nakiri Blade Length 162mm
Overall Length 308mm Weight 161gm
Blade Thickness 4.2mm tapered Tang Pin tang
HRC (hardness) 62-63 Composition Blue #2 carbon steel
Edge 50:50 V bevel Saya Not included


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