Kaiden #1200 Stone

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Advanced level Nakato.

1200 grit Nakato from Kaiden

An advanced level sharpening stone with excellent cutting power, and a firm feel this is currently our pick of the Nakato. It cuts well across a wide variety of steels and blade types.
Ceramic stones tend to be super thirsty and we recommend using in an area you can regularly splash a lot of water, ideally directly over a basin.

Kaiden Ceramic Sharpening Stones

The Kaiden range of ceramic sharpening stones are laden with rich amounts of aluminium oxide grit for superior cutting power. They are labouriously hand moulded and pressed with 100t of pressure before being dried and high fired over a 36-hour period. These stones are for the true professional and although good for ryoba style edges they excel for kataba style blades.

We strongly recommend this stone for those with intermediate to advanced sharpening skills only.

  • Super fast cutting power
  • Long lasting
  • Excellent feedback during the sharpening process (crisp burrs)
  • Great end results- i.e sharp blades
  • Instructions: Soak a good 20 minutes before use or until the bubbles stop rising. Keep adding water as you go throughout the sharpening process.

N.B. Please do not soak this stone for long periods as it will degrade the stone. We recommend using this stone in conjunction with a sturdy rubber base


210mm (L) x 70mm (W) x 20mm (H) - approximate stone dimension

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