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Forging knives in Fukui, Japan

The blacksmiths of Fukui prefecture have been forging steel for over 800 years. Like other knife making regions the availability of iron sand, pine charcoal and a steady water supply make the region perfect for steel production.

The first blacksmiths were dispatched from Kyoto for sword production but quickly turned their hand to supplying the local farmers with scythes and other harvest equipment.


knifemaking japanese

Knifemaking in Fukui

As war and manual farming became unfashionable the blacksmiths created their distinctive style of kitchen knives in the Echizen Uchihamono tradition. Echizen is the ancient name of the Fukui region and Uchihamono refers to the art of hammer forged cutlery of the region.

Hammer Forging

Fukui chef knives are thin and sharp with a distal taper. Blacksmiths of the region are masters of forging mixed steels. Softer layers are wrapped around a harder core steel that can be sharpened to a very keen edge. The soft steel support the more brittle steel at the core of the blade by offering shock absorbance.

fukui knives The Blacksmith transforms a billet of steel into a Japanese knife


In 1980, Echizen, Fukui was the first production centre for forged blades to be awarded a Traditional Craft award by the Japanese government. Echizen blades include knives, scissors, hatchets and sickles, made by traditional methods – handcrafted, forged in fire and finished by hand.

fukui knife sharpening Blades are sharpened one by one


Today Fukui produces some of the best clad-steel knives in all Japan. The hammer forged blades feature carbon steel cores clad with stainless, exotic steels like R2 PM and more familiar mixes such as VG10 nickel Damascus. Traditional hammer forging creates a finely grained steel (much finer than production knives) for easier sharpening and much longer edge retention.

Chef's Armoury Fukui knives feature western friendly 50-50 bevels for both left and right handed users.


Chef's Armoury Bespoke

We are happy to bring the best of Japanese craftsmanship from talented blacksmiths and togishi to our shores.

Bespoke Testimonials
Just to let you know that the Fukui Black Forged Gyuto is the best knife I have ever owned. The blade is incredibly sharp and the handle balances the weight perfectly. I thought highly of my set of Shun blades but this knife is in a class of its own. Many thanks for putting this knife together and introducing me to a serious combination of art and function.
DAVID WILLIAMS Home cook QLD, Australia
The knife the boys at Chef's Armoury hooked me up with is fucking ridiculous. Beautiful to look at, to hold, to work with. From breaking down a delicate mackerel to a massive blue eye, every single time I use this piece of art it's a pleasure.
MITCH ORR Cicciabella Bondi Head Chef, Sydney, Australia
I saw the hand-forged blades on offer and was smitten. I chose the silver forged bunka. This knife far exceeded my expectations. The balance is beautiful, and the ease of cutting means much less fatigue when mindlessly chopping kilos of vegetables. This knife is no slouch dealing with proteins either as I've used it on occasions on both meat and fish. I would recommend this knife to anyone who is looking for something that performs in a spectacular fashion, is easy to handle, and looks good to boot.
ANTHONY SKIBINSKI Red Lantern on Riley Ex-Chef, Sydney, Australia

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