Kaiden Blue 1 Damascus Sakimaru Takobiki 300mm

300mm sakimaru takobiki forged from rare blue 1 damascus carbon steel by Kaiden.

Kaiden Blue 1 Damascus Sakimaru Takobiki 300mm

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Kaiden Sakimaru Tako + Saya

High end sashimi knife with rounded sword tip, forged from rare blue 1 damascus carbon steel and sharpened to a single bevel for right handers. The elegant arched shape makes for a smooth cutting experience.

Extra refinements such as a highly polished Ago and soft bevelled spine make this knife even more comfortable to use.

The handle is handmade in Sakai from hon-kokutan (true ebony) with a black buffalo horn bolster. To honour tradition, the handle is set with a small gap at the machi.

Comes with wooden saya - knife sheath.

Kaiden Blue 1 Damascus Series

Ao-ichi or Blue 1 carbon steel is blended with soft layers of iron to produce a subtle Damascus pattern that is one of a kind. Blue 1 is made from Japanese iron sand (like the swords of old) and although it's the top pick of the Blue steels it is used less frequently because it is more difficult to forge.

Blue 1 steel has added wolfram, which is a carbide former for greater toughness. Although Blue 1 has a pinch of chromium it still easily oxidizes and will rust if not looked after properly. Please see care instructions tab.

The hon-kasumi process involves joining hard steel to soft iron which is then hammer forged. The hard iron becomes the strong cutting edge while the soft iron becomes the supportive spine of the blade.

This is an elite level Kaiden knife handcrafted and hammer forged from top artisans. Excels in looks, performance and feel and we really hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Kaiden Knives

Each and every Kaiden knife is designed with the professional chef in mind. Quality materials are blended with Japanese craftsmanship to create blades that have gained reputation amongst the kitchen elite.


Please note:

  • This is a single bevel knife (one sided edge) for right handed users only.
  • Only sharpen on sharpening stones. This knife should NEVER be sharpened on a honing steel.
  • There may be a small section in the join between hagane and jigane on the back of the blade that appears as a small dark line. This is not a fault but a characteristic of blades that are forged at a lower temperature to maintain a higher integrity in the steel. 
  • This is a carbon steel knife. Keep dry and use camellia oil to prevent rust.
Style Sakimaru Takobiki Blade Length 294mm
Overall Length 452mm Weight 220gm
Blade Thickness 3.6mm Tang Pin tang
HRC (hardness)
Composition Blue 1 carbon damascus
Edge Kataba bevel for right handers Saya Yes, included



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