Kaiden JS 195 Usuba

Kasumi usuba forged from white 2 steel, functional workhorse usuba by Kaiden.

Kaiden JS 195 Usuba

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Kaiden JS Usuba 195mm

Vegetable knife 165 blade length forged from White 2 carbon steel. The usuba is the single edged version of the Nakiri.

The thin sharp edge is used for slicing vegetables as well as intricate work. You can use this usuba for specialised cuts such as katsuramuki, shaving thin sheets of vegetables.

The usuba requires more skill than the nakiri to use and is favoured by professional chefs in Japan and all over the world.

Handle is a traditional d - oval shaped magnolia wood with black buffalo horn bolster.

Kaiden JS Series

This Japanese knife from Sakai has excellent forging and is priced for the budget conscious. While not as many steps have been taken to complete this knife as the more refined Kaiden W2 Honkasumi series, the JS series represents excellent value for money.

Unlike other brands of cheaper kataba knives, and those from the tourist districts in Japan, the JS series has much better finish and sharpness. An easy choice for new or regular users of single edged knives.

Please note:

  • This is a single bevel knife (one sided edge) for right handed users only.
  • Only sharpen on sharpening stones. This knife should NEVER be sharpened on a honing steel.
  • This is a carbon steel knife. Keep dry and use camellia oil to prevent rust.


Style Usuba Blade Length 180mm
Overall Length 335mm Weight 220gm
Blade Thickness 3.4mm Tang Pin tang
HRC (hardness)
Composition Hitachi white 2
Edge Kataba bevel for right handers Saya Not included


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