Naniwa Starter Pack

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#400/#1000 Combo & stone holder

Naniwa Starter Pack

A perfect set for those who want to try stone sharpening for the very first time.

Set contains one 400/1000 combination stone and stone holder.

Naniwa Advance Sharpening Stones

This series of sharpening stones from Naniwa are made from the same high quality grit as the PRO series but made from a softer resin with slightly less grit for those on a budget.

These stones are made from tightly packed resin bonded grit and have the following advantages:

  • No pre soaking required - simply splash some water on the surface and start sharpening
  • Faster cutting than regular stones
  • Longer lasting - about twice as long as regular stones
  • Much less mess than “cement” type stones

The Naniwa Advance Stone series ranges from 220 to 12000 grit and are all made via the same resin bonded process to give a consistent “feel” through the sharpening process

N.B. Please do not soak this stone for long periods as it will degrade the stone. Dimensions:

210mm (L) x 70mm (W) x 20mm (H) - stone dimension

Orders are despatched Tuesday to Friday

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