Saji Yuuyake 170mm Bunka

Limited production Saji knives with yuuyake damascus hammer forged and sharpened by the Saji crew.

Saji Yuuyake 170mm Bunka

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Saji 170mm Bunka

This work of art is a multipurpose knife with similar flatter profile like the Santoku but with a pointy tip for greater accuracy.

Yuuyake Series

This masterpiece is handcrafted by the Saji workshop. Hammer forged from new generation steel by TSS that builds on the famous VG10 that has been a mainstay for Japanese knives over 20 years or more. VG10W adds tungsten (W) to the already reliable recipe of VG10. This disperses fine and hard carbides throughout the steel and improves both wear resistance and ease of sharpening. According to the steel-works this new material has 20% higher durability and strength over VG10.

Of course Saji san is one of the first knifemakers to get his hands on VG10W to create Yuuyake (translating as afterglow of sunset). Saji san has created a flowing suminagashi pattern intertwined with layers of copper and brass. This is all finished with an aged cowbone handle (sorry no vegan option).

In comparison to Saji san's infamous R2 Ironwood series, the Yuuyake blades are thinner behind the edge with keener sharpness.


  • Luxurious knife with veins of copper and brass
  • Excellent fit and finish
  • Solid cowbone handles
  • Core of VG10W steel - with added tungsten for higher durability and  performance; clad in layers of stainless steel, copper and brass
  • 50/50 edge grind make these knives suitable for left and right handed users



  • As the knives are handmade each knife is individual and the pattern and handle will vary from blade to blade


Style Bunka
Blade Length 175mm
Overall Length 304mm Weight 228gm
Blade Thickness 2mm Tang Full tang
HRC (hardness) 60-61
Composition VG10w, copper, brass
Edge 50:50 V bevel Saya Not included


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