Konosuke HD2 240mm Gyuto

240mm laser Japanese chef knife from Konosuke's most popular HD2 series. HD2 semi-stainless steel.

Konosuke HD2 240mm Gyuto

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Konosuke Sakai HD2 Gyuto - 240mm

In about 2011 we sold a new range of knives from Konosuke called the HD range. They were made from a limited batch of steel that was semi stainless and ground super thin, pretty much the disruptors of their time. Word spread and the knives became really popular, maybe too popular as the steel soon ran out.

Time went by as Konosuke searched for new steel with similar properties and finally they released the HD2 range.

The HD2 range today still have the cult following of the originals, they still sell out way too quickly and they are still super thin, light to hold with superior cutting, great edge retention and ease of resharpening.

So why are they so popular? The HD and HD2 have been the inspiration for every super thin knife that have followed. Thin blades give an ethereal cutting experience because there is no wedging into harder foods and they don’t need thinning after a few resharpening’s as the blade remains thinner behind the edge in comparison to traditional grinds.

Some advice to the uninitiated. If you want one, buy it now – before the once again the steel runs out and they become HD3.

Magnolia wood octagonal handles with black-brown wooden bolster.

Konosuke Sakai Knives

Konosuke Sakai create sleek elegant designs and produce a range of highly sought after chefs knives around the world.

Please note:

  • As with many Sakai knives there is a small gap between the machi (notch) and the handle. This is the traditional method of setting Sakai blades.
  • The length of the cutting edge is noted under "blade length" in the chart below.
  • As with all thin blades this knife will chip if mishandled.


Style Gyuto Blade Length 233mm
Overall Length 392mm Weight 155gm
Blade Thickness 2.3mm Tang Pin tang
HRC (hardness) 61 Composition Semi-stainless HD2 steel
Edge 50:50 V Bevel Saya Not included


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