Kagekiyo Mizu Honyaki W2 300 Kiritsuke Yanagiba - Ebony

300mm yanagiba kiritsuke forged in the honyaki method from white 2 steel with mirror finish above the shinogi line.

Kagekiyo Mizu Honyaki W2 300 Kiritsuke Yanagiba - Ebony

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Kagekiyo Honyaki

Elite level kiritsuke yanagiba by Kagekiyo.

  • This Japanese knife is made specifically for slicing raw fish
  • White 2 carbon steel blade is differentially tempered at the spine providing extra strength to this elite carbon steel blade
  • Beautiful mirror finish above the shinogi line 
  • Water quenched
  • Extremely sharp kataba blade
  • Blade forged and sharpened by Sakai elite level artisans
  • Please note - the handle is set with a small gap at the machi in honour with tradition

Includes wooden saya (sheath).

About Honyaki Knives

  • Honyaki knives are considered the pinnacle of blacksmithing in Japan. 
  • As the cutting edge is more brittle compared to hon-kasumi knives they require very skilled hands. In Japan it's said only great chefs can use a honyaki knife properly without damaging it, hence it is considered a right of passage for many chefs.
  • Honyaki knives are forged from one steel and hence extremely difficult to make compared to hon-kasumi knives which are made from joining soft iron to harder steel to give it similar properties.
  • A honyaki knife is more difficult to sharpen than a honkasumi knife but has even better edge retention and sharpness.

Note: This is an elite level knife made from carbon steel and is more susceptible to rust than stainless steel knives. The carbon steel blade will form a patina and change colour from first use. We recommend camellia oil and rust cleaner for maintenance.

If you have never used, sharpened and maintained a carbon steel sashimi knife before and would like to buy a honyaki knife, we highly recommend starting with one of the other yanagiba we have available.


Style Yanagiba Kiritsuke Blade Length 290mm
Overall Length 450mm Weight 226g
Blade Thickness 3.7mm Tang Pin tang
HRC (hardness) 63 Composition White 2 honyaki
Edge Kataba single bevel for right handers Saya Included

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