Kuro Kuma Aogami Damascus Soba Kiri

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Kuro Kuma Soba Kiri

Carbon steel knife for making handmade noodles, pasta etc...

This is a rare example of a damascus blue 2 soba kiri that is as much about function as it is about form. Beautifully manipulated damascus pattern, tapered spine and a right handed hamaguri-ba (clamshell edge) is perfectly weighted to cut the finest soba.

High quality hand forged soba kiri are hard to find, even in Japan. A trip to the kitchenware stores and you can find a few machine made, molybdenum numbers but nothing much of quality. And the reason? Soba kiri are really difficult to make! Being a such broad, long, straight blade every step of crafting becomes a tug of war of straightening and adjusting to achieve an excellent result.

About Soba Kiri

Soba is a type of buckwheat noodle that is often made entirely by hand. The three steps to making soba are …

  • Mixing the dough – a very difficult process of mixing buckwheat flour, water and often some wheat flour to the perfect consistency
  • Rolling the dough – After mixing, the dough is rolled out in a series of steps to create a large square and then folded ready for slicing
  • Cutting the noodles – this is by far the most enjoyable part and cannot be done well without using a well weighted hand forged Soba-Kiri

The weight of this blade and long straight edge will perfectly cut soba all day long with as much accuracy as your skillset allows. It has been forged and sharpened for use by a right hander and not only cuts soba but can also be used for slicing pasta and other noodles.

Traditionally Soba is cut on a soft wooden board as not to damage or blunt the blade. It is important to also note the blade is sharp, but cannot be too sharp as it will slice into the board.

Please note:

    • Carbon steel rusts if left wet. Thoroughly dry with a clean cloth when not in use. Ideally use camellia oil for maintenance.
    • Use exclusively for noodles. Other foods may damage the blade. This knife was forged and quenched with this task in mind.
    • Never drop or handle the knife roughly. The blade must be entirely straight to slice noodles well.
    • The screw holes in the handle can be filled with a little bees wax or putty if you are bothered by them.
    • Never cut on a hard board, marble bench, glass etc.
    • This knife must be sharpened by stone with the bevel on the right hand side only.


Style Soba Kiri Blade Length 335mm
Overall Length 335mm Weight 760gm
Blade Thickness 4.5mm tapered Tang Full tang
Composition Blue 2 damascus carbon steel
Edge Kataba bevel for right handers Saya Included


Comes in an individual, custom fitted knife wrap

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