Nenohi Honyaki 240 Gyuto - 3 Silver Rings

Top end Nenohi honyaki blade. Kitted with triple silver ring ebony and linen micarta handle. Impressive hamaguri sharpness and exceptional fit and finish.

Nenohi Honyaki 240 Gyuto - 3 Silver Rings

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Nenohi Custom Honyaki 240 Gyuto

Forged from a single piece of hagane (hard steel) and differentially tempered to create a softer supportive spine and a hard accurate edge this Honyaki Gyuto is every serious knife nerds dream blade.

A Honyaki Gyuto is the embodiment of the Japanese concept of beauty that can only be formed with the passing of time. A freshly minted Honyaki Gyuto is truly impressive with a high gloss finish and subtle hamon but it is only after use, that it will form its unique patina.

The blade transforms from shiny to varying shade of grey as it comes in contact with different foods. If you want a knife that will remain pretty buy a stainless steel knife. But if you want a knife that will develop character buy a honyaki.

This blade is hand forged and hand sharpened in Sakai before re-finishing to a high mirror glaze by Nenohi. The handle is a specially selected piece of hon-kokutan (true ebony) with three sterling silver rings.

This blade also features a beautiful hamon that is naturally formed during the quenching process (unlike the modern trend of creating a hamon with sandblasting).

This knife deserves to be used by someone with great skill or loved by a collector with very discerning taste.

Nenohi and the pursuit of excellence

"Customers looking for genuinely good knives always come to us ... We usually do not take the cost into consideration when we develop a new product. When makers develop a new product, they usually set the price first, then, develop a knife meeting the set price. We do totally the opposite. We develop a knife first, the best knife we can create without thinking of the cost, then, set the price which meets the newly developed knife. That’s why our knives are not cheap - the only downside of our knives." Yusuke Sawada president of Nenohi

Please note:

  • Only sharpen on sharpening stones. This knife should NEVER be sharpened on a honing steel.
  • The blade is made from carbon steel and needs special attention to keep it rust and tarnish free.
  • The blade will patina (change colour) on contact with food. This is completely normal for carbon steel knives.
  • ......

    Style Gyuto Blade Length 233mm
    Overall Length 388mm Weight 240gm
    Blade Thickness 3.2mm Tang Pin tang
    HRC (hardness) 62 Composition White carbon steel forged in the honyaki method
    Edge Hamaguri with 45/55 microbevel Saya Included


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