Sakaiden #220 stone large

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220 grit Arato

This is a classic style Arato that really means business. Fast cutting with excellent results.

Perfect for re-creating the blade path in badly worn kataba and for repairing chips, broken tips and for thinning blades. Can also be used (gently) for the first step in resharpening.

Sakaiden Watoishi

This series of sharpening stones from Naniwa are certified by the Sakai Knife Commerce & Industry Cooperative.

The 220 grit 'green brick' is made from sintered green carbon grit. It gives up grit freely and will create slurry quickly for fast cutting action. Excellent for repairing chipped and misshapen blades.

  • Great value for money, large stone size that will last for years
  • Excellent feedback, not as grippy as some ceramics
  • Even and tightly coded grit
  • Please pre-soak for about 20 minutes before use until the bubbles stop rising

N.B. These stones do not have a plastic bases like our previous ranges. You can purchase a sturdy rubber base here


205mm (L) x 75mm (W) x 50mm (H) - stone dimension

Also in this series: Sakaiden 1000 grit large and Sakaiden 4000 grit

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