Sakaiden #4000 Stone

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4000 grit Shiageto 

Used as a final step in the sharpening process or to polish the bevel. Enthusiasts can continue to finer stones if desired. Soft abrasive with a smooth cutting action.

Sakaiden Watoishi

This series of sharpening stones from Naniwa are certified by the Sakai Knife Commerce & Industry Cooperative.

This 4000 grit toishi is made from a type of resin similar to the PRO series but a little softer. Many chefs in Japan love using this stone for the following reasons:

  • Great value for money, similar technology to the PRO series but 30% cheaper
  • Excellent feedback for kataba sharpening
  • Even and tightly coded grit
  • Please pre-soak for about 10 minutes before use until the bubbles stop rising

N.B. These stones do not have a plastic bases like our previous ranges. You can purchase a sturdy rubber base here


210mm (L) x 70mm (W) x 20mm (H) - stone dimension

Also in this series: Sakaiden 1000 grit large and Sakaiden 220 grit large

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