Kaiden AX 240mm Gyuto

Kaiden AX series Japanese chef knife, laser profile.

Kaiden AX 240mm Gyuto

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Kaiden AX Aosuper 240mm Chef Knife

Too often knife makers beef up the 240 gyuto with added weight so it feels like part of a different range. With the Kaiden AX this is not the case. The larger gyuto still feels light and agile and has all the appeal of the 210mm, only bigger.

Kaiden knives

Each and every Kaiden knife is designed with the professional chef in mind. Quality materials are blended with Japanese craftsmanship to create blades that have gained reputation amongst the kitchen elite.

AX series featuring Aosuper steel

The AX series from Kaiden is made from Super Blue carbon steel. Super Blue (Aosuper) has an even higher carbon content than Blue #1 with added tungsten for hardness, molybdenum for toughness and vanadium for wear resistance. The blades are clad in stainless steel for torsional strength and to make them easier to care for than fully carbon steel.

The impressive thing about these knives isn’t just the overall thinness of the blade but how thin they are at the edge and just behind the edge. This gives them good kireaji (cutting taste) and excellent resharpening ability.

The exposed edge on these blades will patina (change colour) which is natural for Aosuper carbon steel, but with you will get is a knife with fantastic edge retention and cutting performance.

Please note:

  • For best results use a slicing style cut as opposed to a push cut.
  • These knives feature a super-fine edge that can be easily damaged by cutting super hard foods or by rough chopping or handling.
  • The core material is made from carbon steel so care should be taken to keep the edge dry after use to prevent rust.
  • The blades are coated in a very light layer of lacquer in the factory to protect from rust during transport. This can easily be removed with paper towel and methylated spirits.


Style Gyuto - Chefs Knife Blade Length 245mm
Overall Length 400mm Weight 160g
Blade Thickness 2.3mm Tang Pin tang
HRC (hardness) 65 Composition Ao Super carbon clad in stainless
50:50 V bevel
Saya Not included


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