Masakage Silver Forged 170 Bunka - Yakka

Handcrafted smaller multipurpose knife by Masakage forged in Fukui.

Masakage Silver Forged 170 Bunka - Yakka

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Masakage Silver Forged 170mm Bunka - Yakka Handle

Fukui Bunka

Just think of a Bunka as being the hot cousin of the pretty, yet friendly girl in high school called Santoku. They share similar DNA yet despite being from the country the Bunka gets invited to all the best parties and everyone wants to take them home.

If you prefer your chefs knife a little longer or a tad shorter, or possibly favour a different handle, order from the Chef's Armoury Bespoke range of Fukui blades.

Masakage Silver Forged Knives

Hand forged goodness all the way from Fukui prefecture. Easy to care for stainless steel is beaten into submission around a core of super blue carbon steel. This is the best of both worlds especially if you are new to the upkeep of carbon steel. Aogami Super is famed for its superior edge retention and it is an absolute pleasure to resharpen if you are a stoner like us.

The hammer marks are hand peened during the cold forging stage and unlike the black forged the scale has been buffed to create a silver finish.



  • Made by hand, the pattern and finish of each knife will vary
  • Australian Yakka wood handles (colour and wood grain will vary)
  • 50/50 edge grind suitable for left and right handed users.
  • Read the separate care instructions tab

Over time a natural patina will form on the exposed edge of carbon steel. The edge will change colour. This is the nature of carbon steel. If knives are left wet after use they may rust. Rust spots are easily removed with rust cleaner. For maintenance we recommend camellia oil and rust cleaner.


Style Bunka Blade Length 168mm
Overall Length 308mm Weight 140gm
Blade Thickness 2.4mm (average) Tang pin tang
HRC (hardness) 63-65 Composition
3 layer - Stainless clad AoSuper Core
Edge Ryoba, V bevel Saya Not included

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